This beautiful digital PDF is so much more than a Planner and far more affordable than most of the planners on the market.

Annual Business Planner + Blueprint

This 60+ page fully editable PDF download contains everything you will need to plan out and prepare in order to make 2019 your best business year yet.

This is much more than a planner and contains comprehensive templates to review your year, month and quarter and contains annual, quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily planning templates.

As well as reflection and planning sections, you also get various blueprint templates covering all the essential pillars of your business such as client and mentor profiles, branding guidelines, your business core values, mission and vision templates and so much more.

As well as that there is a planning workshop in early January to support you to get your planning efforts off the ground. Start at any time to review your previous 12 months and plan the next! 


Price includes:

➳ Instant downloadable, fully editable PDF version of the Planner + Blueprint. 

➳ Access to a January planning workshop (date TBC). 

➳ Any updates made to the Planner throughout 2019. 

Everything you need in order show up like a pro in your Business. 

Organising your business and all of the moving parts within it can sometimes feel like an uphill battle, especially for the busy solopreneur. In this instantly downloadable Business Planner + Blueprint pack you’ll find the following templates to keep your business on track and overwhelm at bay.

All of the content is divided into the following three sections.


Soulful templates that allow you to review your business against annual, quarterly and monthly goals. Includes journal prompts that get to the very heart of your business as well as tracking tools to monitor progress.


Intuitive planning templates that allow you to plan your monthly, weekly and daily workload so as to keep on track to achieve your annual goals without feeling overwhelmed in the process.


A range of core templates that cover the heart of your business ensuring that all of your most essential business information remains in one place and forms  your business hub.

When I decided that I wanted to make a digital business planner, I did my research first. There are soooo many planners out there already and so I set about making this one better and I believe I’ve achieved that in a number of ways.

♥ I’ve blended the soulful into the strategic so that business planning doesn’t have to feel like a chore but instead can feel like a deep dive into the heart and soul of your business and you.

♥ It’s not only a solid planner, with templates for your annual, quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily plans and actions but it’s also goes deep on the reflection front with journal prompts designed to uncover the truths about your business that might have been alluding you amidst the busyness of the day-to-day.

♥ It’s more than a planner, it’s a business blueprint and contains all of the templates you might need to form an effective and meaningful business hub. Including branding guidelines, client profiles, business mission vision, mission and values templates and so much more. (Pssst I’ll be adding to this throughout the year!)

♥ I’ve made it as pretty as can be, using fine lines, light fonts and pastel colours. I’ve gone for a design that’s not only easy on the eye but also intuitive, with colour coding and subheadings so that you always know where you are as you work through the PDF.

♥ As well as the PDF that you’ll receive as soon as you make your payment, you’ll also get access to a free live call in January, on which I’ll walk you through exactly how to complete and use this Planner + Blueprint and if you can’t make that call then you’ll get access to the replay and can complete this work at your leisure. 

♥ Once your purchase the Planner you’ll also be added to my Ladies Who Plan mailing list where you’ll receive occasional emails from me to remind you to check back in with the planner, as well as other important information about Planning and making the most of the Planner + Blueprint. 

♥ Your one-off payment also gives you access to any updates I make to the planner during the year and as a customer, you’ll immediately get a link to an updated Planner + Blueprint as changes are made.

♥ And the best bit? For all of this you only pay a one-time fee of €30 which is comparatively cheaper than many of the Business Planning tools currently out there, given what’s included here.

Find below a full listing of the templates you’ll find inside.

➳ Annual Review (including journal prompts, financial breakdown by month, financial totals + by income stream, audience metrics).

➳ Quarterly Review (including journal prompts, goal tracking, audience metrics).

➳ Monthly Review (including journal prompts, goal check, finances).

➳ Business Wishlist

➳ Annual Plan (including strategic overview, goals brainstorm, financial targets, audience targets).

➳ Quarterly Plan (including quarterly goals + tasks).

➳ Goals + systems log

➳ Task List Form

➳ Monthly Plan (including goal-setting)

➳ Weekly Planner

➳ Daily Planner

➳ Content Planner

➳ 2019 Calendar

➳ One page business plan

➳ Business Core template

➳ Business Vision template

➳ Ideal Client Profile

➳ Client Details template

➳ Products and Services template

➳ Business Mentors template

➳ Brand Guidelines

➳ Financial Tracking

➳ Batching Log.